On the eve of the release date of Midnight Sun, I wanted to record some of my memories and experiences with the Twilight series.

My introduction to Twilight

It must have been around 2008, when the first movie trailer for the Twilight movie based on the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer was released.

I remember watching the trailer and being awed by how Edward was able to stop the car from hitting Bella with just his bare hands. This is what pulled me in, the superhero aspects of the trailer.

At that time I always wanted to start reading a novel, and then when I got to know that the movie is based on a novel, I ended up getting an ebook of the novel. The other motiviation was that I wouldn’t have to wait for the movie to come out to find out about Edward’s powers.

One of the biggest benefits of watching the movie trailer before reading the book, was that I could place most of the characters in the book to an actor from the trailer. This helped make it much easier for me to visualise the author’s descriptions of scenes.

That time when I shared a brief review of the book to my class

This was in Class 9, year 2008, my English teacher asked all of us to spend some time reading a book and giving a 1 min talk to the class about our views on the book.

I wish I could find that piece of paper where i wrote the review once again, just to see what my younger self thought of the book and as a piece of nostalgia.

Anyways, I think I had finished reading the book already by now, and was able to write a small review of it and share it with the class. I think at that time I no one had heard about this book or were curious about it in my class. There wasn’t much feedback from my English Teacher as well. But I was super happy to be able to share my review of the book and my excitement about the book to the class 😊.

Reading experience

This is another amazing memory I have, where I read all 4 books on a Cowon D2 PMP 😅. It used to display 8 lines of text on a 320x480 resolution LCD screen. I remember just swiping through chapters one by one, sometimes at stretches of 1 hour in the night, hooked by the story. This was like my own makeshift Kindle back in those days. I was so hooked to the plot, that I ended up reading all 4 books from the series on the Cowon D2.

Breaking Dawn movie experience


The breaking dawn book has this amazing fight scene towards the end where Bella is able to develop a power which lets her project a bubble which protects her friends and family from attacks from outside. And the movie completely skipped this part of the fight scene for whatever reason, which left me a little bit disappointed. This also helped make me realise what everyone always used to say, that it’s very rare for a movie to do justice to a book. It’s what I remember being discussed about the Harry Potter books as well, where everyone says the books are 100 times more detailed than the movie and everyone should read it. I am yet to start reading the harry potter books.

End Spoiler alert

Midnight Sun

After finishing all the 4 books and left wanting more from the Twilight universe, I stumbled upon the Midnight Sun draft book which was leaked by someone, and then Stephenie Meyer ended up publishing her unfinished draft as is to her website. I read the first chapter and really liked it. But then I stopped reading it, because I wanted to experience the fun of reading the whole book and to not just be left hanging when I reach the end of the draft book.

So having forgotten for a while about the book, it was such a nice surprise when Stephenie Meyer announced that she will be releasing Midnight Sun on 4th August.

Though I am a little concerned now going through the comments on the goodreads page, where folks are calling Edward a stalker and all 😅. Not sure if I will still like the story, or I might be cringed from the book as well. Will try to share my reviews about the book on this blog as well, once I get around to reading the book.

PS: Rewatching the Movie Trailer for Twilight does make me laugh a little bit now 😅, as the acting/plot feels so weird now.