I wanted to write this incident down, as it’s one of those instances which I don’t have any photos or videos of. This is just something that is shared between few of my fellow trekkers and one of my close friends who laughed a lot on this incident, and it still brings smiles to me 😂

So i think it was the third or fourth day of the trek, and the past few days, I had been in the front of the group on and off day by day. The ones who were walking ahead (sometimes even ahead of the guide, who was very cooperative), would have to wait for the people behind us to catch up every 15-30 mins or so, or whenever there was fork in the trail.

This particular incident happened somewhere around the afternoon. I was super excited for whatever reason, and just wanted to go ahead of everyone in the trail to be able to walk at my pace. I used to be walking ahead of everyone, but then resuming walking after a few minutes, i’d start feeling hot, so I’d remove some of the layers I was wearing, and sometimes putting the layers such as the jackets in my racksack, and when it came time for the fleece, i’d just wrap it around my waist, knowing that when we have to wait for others to catch up i’d start feeling cold because of stopping, and then i’d have to wear the fleece again. This also became an interesting joke for my fellow trekkers who used to joke like, ok which piece of clothing is next.

Back to the incident, so because of the on/off layers of clothing, i used to fall behind, and then slowly slowly pass my fellow trekkers. Sometimes after following their pace, i’d politely ask, if they can stop and let me go, feeling a bit bad, about asking them to stop. Most of the fellow trekkers would let me pass :)

So in this particular instance, there were four trekkers ahead of me, and I noticed that there’s a slightly detour which if i cross in speed, should let me pass all the four trekkers in one shot, without me asking them to stop. And at this point, because of the over excitement in me, I exclaim to everyone “Aaj main alag hi josh mein hoon” (Translation: I am super excited today!), and run towards the detour. And within that moment, I notice, that i am about to collide with a fellow trekker at my current speed and route(which was mostly jumping over a few rocks). So to avoid hitting this particular trekker, observing that there’s quite a cliff about 10 meters away, I decide to alter my course and get ready for a fall 😅

And the way i handle the fall, is that i sit on my knees after jumping off the last rock and landing on the snow, and open my arms, almost as if letting go of everything, and accepting my fate. But thankfully, i just kept on sliding for like 5 meters or so, and then came to a stop, with two trekking poles hanging in each hand, my shoulders forming a 180 degree angle.

And everyone behind me who witnessed this incident go crazy laughing, with two people in particular repeatedly describing the incident and lauging about it. The interesting part was that they related the slide to almost like how Sharukh Khan does it in a few movies 😅, which i could definitely relate to, and it was something unexpected that happened.

Then at dusk, when we finally gathered for a cup of coffee/snacks, everyone who witnessed the incident described it to the folks who were a bit behind and everyone had a laugh once again :)

PS. I went to the Sandakphu Phalut trek